The Science of Higher Performing Sales Teams

Adaptable Sales People Sell a LOT more (50% - 60% more in most industries)

Improving Sales is Achieved by

  • Helping people play to their strengths so they contribute more
  • Developing areas of the sales cycle that don't come naturally
  • Managing sales people based on their motivations
  • Creating a mindset of continuous learning
  • Hiring for adaptability (adaptable sales people have success with more people)
Join Industry Expert Paul Findlay 25-Minute Webinar On-Demand To find out how you can optimise your sales team performance during COVID-19 and beyond.
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What’s covered:

In this webinar Paul will show you how to take advantage of the latest research into sales people performance, and the importance of sales person adaptability - regardless of the industry. You then learn how to hire for adaptability, build adaptability and specialise to optimise performance.

Paul has been leading international sales teams for over a decade and will share the latest science that has changed his approach, and shows you how you too can improve your sales team performance.

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Paul Findlay an industry veteran with two decades of his career dedicated to developing individuals and teams.

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