Do you already have HR systems or an LMS?

No one wants another system so when you start using REACH your people will never need to login to anything new, or go anywhere new.

We have industry standard API’s and a Zap ready to go so you can provide your people with their own personally curated development dashboard which seamlessly delivers personal insights, tips, micro learning and other learning content specifically targeting their opportunity to grow... and they never need to login, or to go anywhere new.

How? If you have a modern HR platform or Learning Management System it’s very likely that our Zap or API can deliver each person’s development dashboard to your existing system so everything is just “there”. It automating the automation!

There’s also data export options for when you want to update a lot of information periodically.

In short, our goal is to make there as little administration and maintenance as possible and not ask your people to go anywhere new.