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Because they can

Create longer and more valuable relationships

A new world of opportunities

REACH provides the broadest and deepest evidence-based set of integrated resources in the industry. This allows our clients to create more powerful, valuable, and resilient relationships.

By using the diagnostic tools, automated analysis, and the editable resources provided by the REACH platform, consultants can identify and support their clients with a broader range of services and at more stages of the employee life cycle.

Consultants providing REACH to their clients can add value in a wide variety of different needs - from recruitment to coaching, and from leadership development to developing future skills and building employee engagement. And they can tap into their community of REACH practitioners to collaborate with the consultants with complementary specialties their clients require.

The relationships are more valuable because:

  • The consultant has more tools and resources at their disposal
  • The tools and resources are $0 cost 'per use'. So more of the available budget can be allocated to their professional services, less on tools and systems
  • The platform is straightforward and powered by automation so there’s no time lost to administration
  • REACH tracks growth and provides recommended next-steps. So improvement is ongoing – not a single event
  • When consultants provide REACH to their clients, they receive recurring revenue for a minimum of 12-months

REACH enables a broader and more profound relationship, less time wasted, and more opportunities for value-adding services.

HR consultants can use and edit resources rather than have to create them.

Save time sourcing & developing solutions

Save time thanks to an entire ecosystem of customisable resources.

REACH provides Psychometric Assessments, 360 assessments, Engagement & Pulse surveys - all of which can be customised on the fly. Personalisation is more important than ever, and REACH has ensured that consultants can tailor solutions as necessary.

It also provides over 50 days of workshop facilitation materials to rebrand and edit to meet your client's needs. Reach also offers many more resources, including over 200 activities to improve meetings and personalised coaching programs. Consultants provide solutions using the tools as they are, or customise these solutions to suit their own style and the clients' context.

Either way, when you have REACH, the tools and resources you have on hand allow you to spend more time adding value and less time prepping.

Differentiate from other consultants

Elevate your brand

Most consultants use a narrow range of the most popular tools and resources. These tools might be great, but they do have their limitations. REACH provides an integrated ecosystem providing awareness, analysis, development, and measurement. Many of the prevalent tools used in the industry are only adequate for one of those key steps.

When you adopt REACH, you’ll find that the tools provided are superior to any alternate individual tools offered elsewhere. However, the beauty of REACH is that its integrated ecosystem can provide end-to-end solutions. Whether you are searching for better diagnostics, measuring tools, or other services, REACH equips you with modern and customisable tools that go further than what you've previously used. 

Gain a competitive advantage with REACH ecosystem

With REACH, both your service and value proposition are entirely elevated compared to other consultants. Where they might position themselves based on their expertise and the same old limited tools, your services can be more:

REACH helps more time and focus to be placed on people, less on systems and surveys

Use evidence-based tools

Peace of mind based

REACH tools are based on extensive academic rigour and enhanced by data-led automation.

Whether you’re looking at global benchmarking of agility to adapt, culture and engagement, self-assessment of traits, strengths and skills gaps, or to get insights into the organization's "collective personality", REACH is science-driven and provides insights that stand up to any form of scrutiny.

The REACH self-assessment Cronbach alpha is .82 with 100,000's results normed with data from across the world analysing over 1,000,000 data points. The automated TNAs  leverage all of the data and science then map to over 400 skills and curate a development path for each person and team.

If you’re a Human capital consultant

That would like to discover a new platform that helps you:
  • Create longer and more valuable relationships
  • Save time developing solutions
  • Differentiate from other consultants
  • Use the latest evidence-based tools

Take advantage of an integrated ecosystem to modernise your practice! REACH is the modern solution you’ve been looking for:

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