REACH 360 Surveys Automated Leadership Development Program

Powerful Leadership Development - grow your leaders

Many organizations role out 360's as part of a leadership development initiative, however after all of the effort, cost and time, what to do next is often unclear.

Analyzing results, drawing conclusions, searching for providers or creating solutions is complex, time consuming and expensive. The REACH Ecosystem provides 360's within an automation-enabled ecosystem that solves all of those problems by providing a learning solution and path; not just a report.

With REACH you can take your leaders on a powerful learning journey with measuable results.

Integrated leadership development

  • Leadership self awareness

    Powerful Personal Insights and Strengths

  • Reach agility assessed

    Clarity on current REACH Agility – How well am I meeting team members needs?

  • 3 Minute 360

    Clarity with 180 or 360 degree feedback

  • Unique growth focused positive 360 debriefs

    A different 360 approach extending off self-awareness and strengths

  • Automated training plans

    Training Plans downloadable to grow REACH Agility

  • Complete Training Courses

    Automatically Mapped, Linked and Downloadable from the Training Plan. For Sales Managers to run training or they can engage a trainer to deliver to their team

  • Individual Coaching Programs

    Personalised Coaching Programs Automatically Created based on the GROW model to provide to coaches

  • Easy to run team building activities

    Downloadable Team Building activities designed for Team Leaders to run at Team Meetings

  • Measure growth

    Growth dashboards track outcomes from development

    (Including Engagement Index)

    • 5.00
    • 4.50
    • 4.00
    • 3.50
    • 3.00
    • 2.50
    • 2.00
    • 1.50
    • 1.00
    • 0.50
    • 0.00

    • 1st Culture Survey
    • 2nd Culture Survey
    • 3rd Culture Survey

How does REACH help?

When the 360 is completed and the REACH Ecosystem:

  • Automatically measures the Leaders current REACH (leadership agility) - which gives you a scientific measurement.
  • Automatically generates a training plan to build REACH (leadership agility) - saving you the time and interpretation
  • Automatically identifies training courses that develops specific skills to grow REACH - saving you the guess work and time consuming research.
  • Automatically links the recommended training to complete training courses with all the resources to deliver the courses - so you can deliver on the plan.
  • Automatically links the recommended training to stand-alone, 10-15 minute activities to build the skills - giving you another option to deliver on the plan and embed learning from the complete courses.
  • Automatically generates a 6-12 month coaching program based on the GROW model - so you can deliver on coaching (as well as or instead of training).
  • Automatically connects you with REACH Certified trainers, coaches and consultants for anything you choose to outsource.
  • Creates a benchmark for each leader so you can instantly report on their growth over time in a live dashboard.


  • Unique Awareness Prolfile & Measure of Leadership REACH
  • Unique 3-minute 360
  • Unique, Positive, Growth Oriented Debriefs
  • Scientifically Robust, Evidence-Based
  • Personalized Training Plans Provided (automated)
  • Complete Training Courses Provided (automated)
  • Complete Coaching Programs (automated)
  • Scientifically Measured - Growth in Reach Quotient (RQ)
  • Saves guess work and conjecture on what to do next
  • Provides all the resources to deliver without outsourcing
  • Connects to certified Partners for anything you want to outsource with confidence


  • No ‘System’ to roll out; feels natural and simple
  • Provides a complete learning journey (not just a report)
  • Automates the most complex and time consuming steps
  • Takes the guesswork out by using algorithms, automation and science.
  • Gives clarity on development and outcomes 
  • Provides all the resources to run everything yourself and a practitioner giving you control and options
  • Providing Training (internally or with external providers) is easy
  • Coaching initiatives are better resourced to maintain momentum
  • Value and outcomes from 360's are clear and reportable
  • REACH 360 Leadership Development Solution:
    Price for up to 100 people for a year: $9,500
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    Ongoing Users Benefit from Subscription Pricing 

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