Developing an Adaptable Culture Made Practical

Developing an Adaptable World-Class Culture Can Be Achieved Using:

  • The latest evidence based tools
  • Automation that links insights to the right resources
  • Integrated resources that connect recruitment, leadership, management, training, coaching and operational execution.
  • Live Dashboards that highlight priorities and track growth.
Join Industry Expert Paul Findlay 25-Minute Webinar On-Demand Now!
To find out how you can develop an World-class culture during COVID-19 and post-covid recovery.
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What’s covered:

In this webinar Paul will show you how to take advantage of the latest evidence-based resources, technology and tools so that you can clearly and purposefully develop an engaged, agile high-performing culture.

Adaptability has been becoming an increasing area of focus in recent years, however with the advent of COVID-19 it has risen in prominence to the the area of greatest concern from recruitment, to development to culture. In this sessions you will learn how to support your organization  for each critical process.

The session shows how to use the latest evidence based tools that are elegantly simple and low-cost. 

This session is suitable for:

About our presenter:

Paul Findlay an industry veteran with two decades of his career dedicated to developing individuals and teams.

Paul is: