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In our talent selection work at Throwing Words, our clients are experiencing one or more of the following challenges:

  1. They have trouble finding the right people to fill jobs
  2. They know who their top employees are but struggle to give solid data on why
  3. They don’t have the time to weed through hundreds of resumes to find those who are the best fit
  4. They have limited budgets to invest in the development of their top employees

We work with clients to bring proven strategies and best practices to address these challenges:

Can’t Find the Right People: we audit our client’s recruitment efforts and make recommendations for best in class strategies that include:

Common Traits of Your Top Performers: we provide two different interpretations to use in the recruitment and selection process:

Don’t Have Time to Weed Through Resumes: we equip clients to quickly and efficiently identify the right candidates with the most potential for success in a role using the Benchmark and Situational Interpretations above.

Limited budgets: we provide an unlimited, low-cost subscription model that includes:

Core expertise:

Throwing Words exists to unlock the collective potential of the organization by uncovering the strengths of the people that make it up. We help you: Hire the Right Person, Every Time. Help Executive teams working on the business, not just in it, and support you as your Trusted Advisor.

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