About Mindshift Learning:

Founded and managed by Steve and Sue Landis, we have decades of experience in human resources, professional training and business development in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.    Our hope is to make each and every training an impactful experience for our clients, and that they take away valuable skills to accelerate their growth. Using examples and case studies from the participant’s industry, our training will give the participant the foundation to develop their skills now, while providing the techniques that will keep them learning and growing into the future.  

Contact information:

Steve and Sue Landis

New Zealand – 0800 799 775

International - +64 21 716 443

[email protected]


Core expertise:

We provide corporate, team and professional soft skill training focusing on small to medium businesses in New Zealand. We have a specialty in team training, using REACH and other tools to increase understanding and productivity. Our training sessions are tailored to the participant’s industry and we facilitate the sessions in either a face-to-face or Zoom format.


New Zealand

Service locations:

Based in Christchurch, servicing New Zealand


Phone: 0800 799 775

Email: [email protected]