Athena Compass Consulting

Our Mission:  


To be an acclaimed resource to develop leadership for individuals and organisations.


We aim to develop leadership skills:

Both at personal and Interpersonal levels for individuals

Build leadership pipeline and business leadership for organisations


We serve Organisations and individuals who are keen to invest in them themselves and improve their leadership presence


Our Business in General:


Psychometric Insights, Executive Coaching, Behavioural Skills Training


We employ REACH profile to map the present status of skills for individuals & teams and plan their development towards better performance


Our REACH Offerings:


REACH ecosystem questionnaire for interpersonal Effectiveness, Sales Effectiveness & Leadership Development

Support to interpret the REACH reports, identify improvement areas and develop action plans for individuals, teams and organisational level

Training programs stemming from the REACH survey outcome – Recommendations & Rollout

Executive Coaching to business leaders, entrepreneurs and identified high potential executives within the organisations

OD Engagements including REACH 360° feedback surveys, and organisational culture assessment & building, with necessary handholding for follow-up


Our Principal Consultant:


PM Chandrasekar (LinkedIn:


An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) and Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and a Certified Executive Coach (ICF-ACC)

26 years of line experience (B2B Marketing) culminating in the leadership position as the head of the business unit in a large multidivisional Indian professional organisation

Since 2005 - engaged in training and consulting, exposed to Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives up to Managers of Managers to entry-level Graduate Trainees and B School Students.

Mostly worked in Behavioural skills area including Managerial and Leadership skills

Athena Compass Consulting is based in Chennai Indian and can connect with clients anywhere, personally or virtually.

You can reach us at: [email protected]
AND +91 98403 24475

Core expertise:

People development through Coaching and Behavioural Skills Training across levels of hierarchy. We focus on three facets of leadership - Inspiration, Sustained Motivation and Value Creation.

Partner Location:


Service locations:

Based in Chennai, India. Can connect anywhere on Virtual Mode and can travel onsite to clients


PM Chandrasekar

Phone: +91 98403 24475

Email: [email protected]