About ArcTree Business Consulting:

Over a decade ago, when Alan Chambers decided to launch his own business, he thought hard and long about what it was that made successful businesses… successful. It all came down to the people they’d chosen to come along with them on their journey. Which got Alan to thinking… when tough times arise (as they do for all businesses), how do you decide who you want on board to help you brave the journey and weather the storm?

It’s very much like Noah’s Ark – times are tough and businesses need to be astute and bring on board the people that are going to help them survive the challenges that come their way. They also need to make sure that the people they’ve brought on board have what it takes to create the kind of business that will not just survive, but thrive, once the tough times pass, just like a tree provides a safe canopy once it’s established. Bring the two together, and it’s all about hiring the right people and making sure they have what they need to help your business flourish.

Therefore ArcTree was born and we are a Brisbane based HR Business Consultancy that support our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, supporting the development of their teams and organisation to become leaders in their sector and drive increased business metrics and R.O.I. We have many years’ experience working with clients and all our team members have a proven track record of success, themselves having worked in senior level with a strong track record of success. This gives our team members a unique insight and understanding for the challenges facing our clients in today’s highly competitive environment.

Therefore utilising the services below we work closely with clients to maximise the effectiveness of their human capital.
We provide services across the following pillars:

Talent Analytics (Psychometrics)
We use industry leading predictive talent analytics, to objectively and reliably assess the people you’re considering hiring, as well as your current teams and leaders.


Talent Acquisition: Hiring the right people
You need top performers who will deliver results.
We can conduct the full recruitment process for you or simply parts of it. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you make sure you have the right candidates with unique, scientific insights into how they’ll perform before you make a critical decision.


Training and Development
Having problems with employee performance? We accurately measure your employees using objective, scientific methods to identify development areas. We’ll also provide tailored learning & development programs that give you a competitive advantage.


HR Strategy and Compliance
We can help you ensure that your HR function is streamlined and compliant with the ever-changing HR regulations. We’ll also help you develop a strategy that will move your business forward, so you can concentrate on what matters most to you.


Contact the ArcTree Team Today:

Alan Chambers  - MBA
Managing Director
M: 0435 838 847 
E: [email protected]

Lynette Brown
Executive Consultant 
M: 0450 022 439 
E: [email protected]

Core expertise:

Strategic HR Business Consultants specialising in Talent Analytics, Talent Acquisition, Training & Development and HR Strategy & Compliance.



Service locations:

Located in Manly, Brisbane, supporting clients across Australia


Phone: 07 3396 8378

Email: [email protected]