2b1uLeadership was founded by Dr. Travis Feezell, a former college president and longtime university leader who saw a gap in leadership development in transitional contexts, from young professionals newly elevated to lead a team to C-Suite executives called upon to lead a new division and solve new problems. In these contexts, Dr. Feezell saw an alarming lack of leadership development and a tremendous gap between success and failure. Leadership hinged on a deep sense of self and a commitment to the well-being of others. It was less about context … and more about relationship.

2b1u Leadership services begin with the premise that everyone – EVERYONE! – has the unique ability to lead others but that to lead best we must know both know ourselves and others. Though 2b1u has a special expertise and experience in the non-profit and educational sectors, 2b1u has the impact to work with organizations and professionals from all sectors, particularly those organizations that see the alignment between leadership development, culture, and strategic success.

To that end, 2b1u provides the following services:

Core expertise:

2B1U is a comprehensive individual and corporate leadership assessment and development provider designed to improve the authentic leadership skills of each uniquely talented person. Services include individual and team/organizational assessment, executive coaching, strategic planning and execution, seminar training, group facilitation, and keynote speaking.

Partner Location:

United States Of America (the)

Service locations:

Located in North Carolina and serving clients across the United States.


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