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Leading Dimensions is Transforming to the REACH Ecosystem

Leading Dimensions and the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) have been an industry leader in personality profiling for over 9 years. We are excited to announce a major transformation of LDP into the REACH Ecosystem.

The REACH Ecosystem still includes the LDP Profile that you know. While it is now called the REACH profile, it still delivers the same reports and insights that you trust. You will retain access to your existing surveys and reports and can continue to have participants complete your existing surveys.

The REACH Ecosystem enhances the pioneering work of the LDP with many other features and products including Culture surveys, 360 Surveys, Training Needs Analysis, Coaches Companions and much more. For more information and a free trial, please contact your LDP (now REACH) partner.

During the transition, the existing LDP admin portal is still available until December 31, 2019