Develop a growth mindset with your team

With the Team Development Companion Team Leaders and L&D professionals can now build team synergy, maximize strengths and grow REACH (agility) with clarity, simplicity and the resources to follow through like never before. 

The Team Development Companion provides simple visual ways to understand the big picture dynamics of your team, and then clearly shows the way in which your team members approach their work and broader lives.

The report has 6 key sections as follows:

  1. Our Team - a big picture view of team dynamics and strengths
  2. Our Team Dimensions - peel back the layers for powerful insights  
  3. How you can recognize our profiles - recognize traits to have more awareness as a leader
  4. How you can best REACH us - simple effective guidelines to adapt leadership for greater positive impact
  5. How we like to learn - know how to provide effective learning for your team
  6. Help us Grow - guidelines to the extensive tools and resources in the ecosystem to take positive action

This companion and the connected resources will help you grow your team's REACH which builds agility, collaboration and performance, take a look at some of the science behind REACH, and why REACH matters here.

REACH Team Development Companion Price Per Use: $499 - See Full Price List
Ongoing Users Benefit from Subscription Pricing

What is in the REACH Team Development Companion?

The REACH Team Development Companion provides insights to build, lead, manage, train and grow the performance and REACH of your team.

1. Team Dynamics - Understand your Team Diversity

Our Team: Provides a clean visual overview of the primary style of the team members in a visual grid that helps team leaders understand the behaviors, balance and diversity of their team in a single big picture view.

2. Our Team Dimensions - the layers below

Our Team Dimensions: Peels back the layers from the big picture to the team's 10 REACH dimensions. This highlights to team leaders their team members approach work and life and helps them quickly identify risks and strengths based on the current diversity within the team.

The simple visual layout provides insights to help manage change, improve collaboration and decision making and much more.

3. How you can recognize our profiles and 4. How we Like to Learn.

Leaders are provided guidance in how to approach training and development more purposefully to engage the different personalities in their team. 

5. Help Us Grow - guidelines and resources 

Because this report is part of the unique REACH Ecosystem which uses automation to create Training Needs Analysis which in turn link to complete coaching, training and team activities this tool is the first step in a complete fully resourced development journey.